Ҿӷ ѹ 28 .. 2563 06.00 .(ѹ),(ҹ) ͹Ծ к (35),(35) ź./ ͹ԡԵ к(70),(68) ź../ (P.17) .þ .ä ҳ (173),(200) ź../ (N.67) .ʧ .ä ҳ (452),(437) ź../(C.2) .ͧ .ä ҳ (692),(689) ź../ дѺ˹͹Ҿ +16.50 .(÷.) ͹ +6.72 .(÷.) ջҳżҹ (193),(158) ź../ ͹ѡ к (5),(5) ź../ ͹ˡ к(31),(41) ź./ (C.29) .ҧ .ظ ҳżҹ (100),(60)ź../ / Runoff condition on 28 th September 2563 at 06.00 hr. (Today),(Yesterday) Water releasing at Bhumibol Dam is (35),(35) m3/sec. and Sirikit Dam is (70),(68) m3/sec. "Water volume at (P.17) Banphot Phisai District, Nakhon Sawan is (173),(200)m3/sec. at (N.67) Chum Saeng District, Nakhon Sawan is (452),(437) m3/sec. and (C.2) Muang District, Nakhon Sawan is (692),(689)m3/sec. Water level for Chao Phraya Diversion Dam at +16.50 m.(M.S.L.) downstream has water discharge of+6.72m.(M.S.L.) (193),(158) m3/sec.Pa Sak Jolasid Dam is (5),(5) m3/sec. and at Rama VI Barrage is (31),(41)m3/sec.discharge at (C.29) Bang Sai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is (100),(60)m3/sec.